Gundam Project

I am currently working on a Gundam Project in 3d studiomax.  I have just finished with the 10% of the head part. I will still be adding details.


My First Digital Painting

The Contractor

I started this by sketching and drawing on a sketch pad. After inking, I then scanned the image. Next is cleaning the scanned image in Photoshop. Removing all the excess parts and leaving only the subject as outline. Then colored it and add effects to complete the project.

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How to create animated gif with minimal file size

There are different ways on how to create an animated gif with a smooth flow of animation which are usually used for banner ads.  This is one way which I learned from studying on how to create an animated banner ad with minimal file size and not needing a Flash player to play it. Gif is the answer for animated banner ad not needing Flash player.  However, the file size is extremely larger compare to .swf animation. Plus, the resolution is rough compare to .swf animation. I have a solution to that! This is, combining .swf file creation process with .gif animation process.

For this tutorial, we will be using a sample banner ad. I assume that you have already created a banner ad in Flash.

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